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ILUMARTE initiates their activity in order to advise to the architect or final client and to contribute solutions in illumination that at the same time reinforce the architectonic concepts that a balance of natural light and artificial light in each space creates. In these years of experience solutions and technical advising in projects of diverse nature are offered. The made projects include/understand from cathedrals to museums, stands to the commercial premises or exhibitions to work centers.



In ILUMARTE we know that to give global solutions of illumination, we must remember very the specific use and the particular characteristics of each project. Thanks to our process of highly flexible manufacture, the versatility of our systems of illumination and a personnel to multidiscipline with high specialization and technical qualification, we managed to reach the satisfaction of our client, creating ambient with a great aesthetic beauty and functionality.

We pleaded for the communication with our clients to manage to satisfy its necessities maintaining a commitment with the quality, the design and the innovation. Our commitment with the quality comes guaranteed by the establishment from mechanisms of coordination, visits to our clients and the contractual guarantee of our products and services.

last update: 10/05/2017
Directorio de Iluminación y halógenos